Sudozi Approvals

Configurable, no-code approval workflows to control spend and risk.

No more wasted time 'herding' approvers. Sudozi automatically loops in the key stakeholders at the right time for each spend approval. Gain full visibility into spend intent and streamline decisions with budget insights embedded on the review form.


Configurable, no-code approval workflows

Customizable, no-code approval chains that adapt to the type of spend. Ensure that all key stakeholders are looped in on relevant spend requests to ensure compliance and minimize time from intake-to-procure.


Full visibility into all spend intent

Gain full visibility into the status of all requested spend; prevent a contract from being sent for execution before finance has approved.


Budget Insights to streamline decisions

Immediately assess whether spend falls within budget with Sudozi’s budget insights embedded on the approval review form.


Collaborate with approvers and budget owners

Automatically route requests to finance, legal, IT and other teams based on your spend policy. Sudozi's commenting feature allows for quick communication to remove all friction in the review process.

Let’s Get You Out of the Weeds

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