Vendor Management

Central HQ to manage all Vendor data and Contracts.

Consolidate all vendors, services, and contracts in one place. Gain a 360-view into all vendor data including: spend requests, historical transactions, future commitments and budget data. Never miss a key deadline or renewal with a comprehensive Vendor HQ.

vendor management illustration

Vendor Insights and Analytics

Gain full visibility into vendor data: budget, actuals, committed, and requested spend. Sudozi empowers teams with the 360-view into all Vendor commitments.


Never miss key deadlines

Sudozi reminds you of important upcoming dates with automated vendor tracking. When it’s time to renew a contract, you’ll have all the relevant data and context you need in one place.


Comprehensive Vendor Dashboard

Track all Vendor commitments in one dashboard, and ensure no duplicative or wasteful vendor spend.


Finding anything is a breeze

No more searching through your inbox and internal chat to find that contract. You can email documents to Sudozi and have these automatically filed in the right place.

Let’s Get You Out of the Weeds

Request a demo and see how Sudozi will empower you and your team to track, collaborate, budget, project, approve and optimize all in one awesome-to-use platform.