Solutions for

Decision makers & budget owners

Department leads (marketing, sales, product, engineering, operations), BizOps, Chief of Staff

Sudozi product illustration

Real-time visibility and control

As the budget owner, you’re accountable for ensuring spend is efficiently deployed by your team to drive results. Sudozi gives you the data you need to stay on budget and make the best decisions.

Streamline spend requests to help your team save time

Sudozi’s simple and intuitive spend request feature makes it easy for your team to get the approvals they need. No more time wasted reading expense policies.

Anticipate upcoming spend

Easily reconcile committed, approved, and requested spend against your budget. By capturing all requests and commitments in one place, Sudozi lets you see your team’s spend run rate automatically.

Let’s Get You Out of the Weeds

Request a demo and see how Sudozi will empower you and your team to track, collaborate, budget, project, approve and optimize all in one awesome-to-use platform.