Spend optimization for finance teams & beyond.

Visualize financial commitments, streamline spend requests, and collaborate with budget owners in one place.

For savvy finance leaders and operators:
CFO, Controller, Head of Accounting, FP&A, BizOps, or Strategic Finance

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Save time and money by keeping vendor relationship information organized.

Vendor management

Dynamic vendor dashboard

Have you ever had to scour for a contract PDF to see when the next big payment is due for a vendor or check if an invoice amount is correct? With our Dashboard, you can see all of your key financial details in one place with filtering and alerting features.

Save thousands of dollars by avoiding incorrect invoices, catching renewals, and re-negotiating priority vendors.

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Vendor management

Keep everything in context

Our vendor dashboard keeps an automatic log of your vendor and service relationships. This helps your team stay aligned on past decisions and gives you context to any ongoing discussions.

Minimize agonizing moments related to spend requests.

Spend requests

Automate your spend request workflow

Are you searching through your inbox and internal chat to find a spend request someone made? Our spend request workflow is a simple interface that all employees can use to log their spend requests. Your team will have a searchable central repository for all spend requests and an audit trail.

Finance and Accounting teams spend 25% or more of their time managing approvals and ongoing relationship details for vendors and contractors. Save hours for you and your business partners by implementing Sudozi's spend request workflow.

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Spend requests

Build spend request rules

Set spend rules to automate the spend request approval workflows. It will give you basic functionality to simplify redundant manual works.

With Sudozi you can:

Save time and money

Consolidate and track spend requests in one platform

Provide clear workflows for your business partners

See outstanding financial commitments

Connect your spend data and track against budgets

About us

Sudozi was founded to help you intelligently orchestrate financial workflows and spend decisions. Any finance leader knows there's a large volume of important tasks that could be more efficient with better software.

Our first goal is to optimize spend and make these processes more efficient, which will allow more resources to be allocated to strategic initiatives and help grow the business.

We’re hard at work building a product that tackles the trickiest parts of spend management. By bringing visibility to current contracts and introducing a streamlined request flow, Sudozi will help you level up from the duct taped processes for new spend requests, contract management, and AP approvals. We will provide intelligence and relevant data to a unified workflow that supports all major investment decisions, including new vendors, employees, contractors and more.  

Finally, we’re building this software with the entire company in mind, with the goal of engaging all team members in a delightful experience.

And we're just getting started!

Sudozi makes your life easier with better spend control

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