Automated FP&A for Strategic Finance Leaders

Power your organization with a new ecosystem of Strategic Finance tools including Smart Workflows, Growth Insights, and a network of top finance leaders.

Built by Finance Leaders For Finance Leaders

Drive your business with real-time financials and streamlined spend approvals

Legacy finance tools are clunky and limit a finance exec's ability to lead. Sudozi enables you to make data-driven decisions, empower teams, and drive growth with confidence.


Business happens now
Legacy finance tools show you then

The data you need to make sound decisions is locked in PDFs, spreadsheets, Slack threads, and beyond. Yet none of this data is found in legacy finance tools. The consequence is you and your team spend 15 hours per week, each, (seriously, we checked) hunting.


Time is a leader’s most precious asset

Every hour spent chasing down documents and cobbling together data not only costs $1,000s, it erodes trust with the business and increases missed opportunities.


You can’t advise when you don’t know

You’re losing precious hours by manually shepherding requests to the right parties, getting context for vendors you didn’t know about, and creating dozens of department P&Ls. Let Sudozi automate these responsibilities so you have cycles to focus on sales and revenue.

Sudozi gives you a centralized finance HQ to collaborate, get answers, make decisions

Budget management illustration
Budget management

Empower smart spend without slowing teams down

Automate monthly BvAs and use real-time insights to inform approvals. Once books are closed, pop into Sudozi to automatically generate BvA and share insights with departments with permissions already configured. New requests include live information on spend and budget trends.

Spend request

Drive and thrive in hypergrowth

Sudozi is the only platform built to empower strategic finance teams operating in the NOW. Track, collaborate, budget, project, approve and optimize all in one awesome-to-use platform.

spend request illustration
vendor management illustration
Vendor management

Get clarity on vendor contracts and impact

Store your contracts digitally so you can receive automated reminders on renewal dates, see payment history, and understand how usage based costs will impact your next renewal.


Get up and running fast

You’ll be up and running after our first kick off call.

easy setup illustration

The only finance tool by finance professionals, for finance professionals

Recapture time

It’s the only non renewable resource we have

Empower budget owners

Maintain visibility without slowing teams down

Easy and powerful

No fluff or extra complexity

Integrate with your ERP

Easily import and map key data

Advise confidently

Never second guess data, deliver confident insights

We speak finance

ARR, NRR, CAC, BvA, P&L, GM, YoY, Index(Match), Shift+spacebar, Alt+I+R - we got you!

Let’s Get You Out of the Weeds

Request a demo and see how Sudozi will empower you and your team to track, collaborate, budget, project, approve and optimize all in one awesome-to-use platform.

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