Configurable, no-code approval workflows

The approvals you need to get a purchase executed range across the company: Legal, IT, FP&A and beyond.

Sudozi empowers teams with dynamic, no-code approval workflows that ensure key approvers have visibility into requests; no more herding approvers through the review process.

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No-code Approvals
Full Visibility into Requests
Budget Insights on Review Form
Dynamic Approval Collaboration
Smart Workflow Templates
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No-code Approvals

Configurable, no-code approval workflows

Self-serve approval workflows that are easy for your team to set-up and adjust.
Automatically route approvals to the relevant approvers to remove cross-functional friction and expedite the approval process.
Full Visibility into Requests

Full visibility into all spend intent

Sudozi’s request dashboards empower leaders with full visibility into outstanding and approved requests. Receive updates on a request in Sudozi, Slack and/or Email.
Approvers are notified when it is their turn to review a request to ensure an expedited approval experience and quicker time-to-value for your company.
Budget Insights on Review Form

Full Visibility into Spend Intent

Sudozi embeds budget and financial insights directly in the review experience to help Finance ensure that all purchases are within budget.
Empower your cross-functional leaders with visibility to their respective budgets to help drive alignment towards your company’s profitability goals.
Dynamic Approval Collaboration

Seamless collaboration on approval reviews

No more Email follow-ups: centralize all communication directly where the context lives – in Sudozi.
Sudozi’s commenting feature empowers teams to manage approval tasks in one location. @ comment requesters, approvers and others in the review process.
Smart Workflow Templates

Out-of-the-box Workflow templates

Sudozi offers pre-built approval workflows to accelerate your time to value and provide inspiration for controlling spend and risk.
Sudozi’s approval workflows, informed by customers and industry best practices, help ensure that your team is asking the right questions in the review process.
“Rather than expecting your employees to read and memorize yet another policy document, Sudozi offers a fresh new look at what otherwise can be seen as a bureaucratic nightmare.
Sudozi offers transparency and helps employees be more autonomous in getting their spend approved, and we have seen quick adoption by employees.”
Michael Niu
General Counsel

Close the gap between Insight and Action

Learn how Sudozi will help you reclaim control of the spend process: from the insight necessary to make decisions all the way to payment execution.

See Sudozi in action
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