Vendor Management

Central HQ to manage all Vendors and Contracts

Vendor data is stored in disparate locations, making it challenging to easily track down key details regarding a vendor relationship. This is no way to manage vendor spend and risk.

Sudozi consolidates all vendors and contract data in one place. Gain a 360-view into all vendor spend, and never miss a key deadline or renewal with a comprehensive Vendor HQ.

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Vendor Insights and Analytics
Contract Repository
Renewal Reminders
Vendor Portal
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Vendor Insights and Analytics

Gain 360-view into Vendor spend

Sudozi is the only platform empowering your team with a 360-view into vendor spend: from requests, to actuals, to budget, and committed spend.
Ensure that your team has the complete picture and all context down to the transaction level.
Contract Repository

Dynamic Intake Form Configuration

Sudozi consolidates all vendor contracts with an intuitive UI; finding any and all contract details is a breeze with Sudozi.
Empower your team with one centralized location to manage vendor contracts alongside key vendor data.
Renewal Reminders

Never miss a Renewal

Sudozi reminds you of important upcoming dates, including renewal reminders.
When it’s time to renew a contract, you’ll have all the relevant data and context you need in one place.
Vendor Portal

Intuitive Portal to collaborate with Vendors

Sudozi empowers teams with an intuitive vendor portal to help manage documents, questionnaires, and vendor payments.
Sudozi gives your vendors a user-friendly, collaborative interface that empowers efficient exchange of documents, payment information and more.
Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment to ensure compliance

Flag risky vendors and build customized risk scores to avoid unnecessary vendor risks and proactively address any concerns.
Sudozi empowers teams with tools to tier vendors by risk, build custom risk scores, flag vendor questionnaire responses and much more.
“Rather than expecting your employees to read and memorize yet another policy document, Sudozi offers a fresh new look at what otherwise can be seen as a bureaucratic nightmare.
Sudozi offers transparency and helps employees be more autonomous in getting their spend approved, and we have seen quick adoption by employees.”
Michael Niu
General Counsel

Close the gap between Insight and Action

Learn how Sudozi will help you reclaim control of the spend process: from the insight necessary to make decisions all the way to payment execution.

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