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Custom packages to get Spend and Risk under control.

Intake, Approval Workflows, Vendor Management, and Payments automation that scales with your needs.

Vendor Management: 
Financial Insights & Vendor Analytics

Vendor HQ to centralize vendors, automate insights, collaborate with budget owners.

A scalable, easy-to-use, entry package that provides full visibility into P&L insights and a comprehensive vendor management HQ. Increase collaboration with budget owners with flexible permissions, empowering your leaders with visibility into their spend data.

/ month
Intake-to-Procure: Orchestrate a seamless Intake & Approval process

Intake-to-Procure to automate approval workflows and reduce cycle times.

Manage spend and risk at scale: gain an effortless procurement entry-point for employees. Sudozi provides Procurement and FP&A with an easy UI to see spend analytics and manage approvals, ensuring a strong control over spend and risk.

/ month
Most popular plan
Intake-to-Procure + Procure-to-Pay: End to End Purchasing Control

Full Procure-To-Pay to gain full control of the purchasing process, from Intake to Payment.

Intake, budget analytics, and payments in one app. The Enterprise package includes PO orchestration with custom integrations and analytics to ensure instant insights into budget and actuals, along with a full suite of features to address all P2P processes.

Full features

Sudozi Platform
Procurement Automation
Budget Insights
Virtual Cards, Payments and Accounts Payable Automation
Vendor Management
Document Management

Calculate your ROI

Total Annual $ Saved by catching unauthorized and duplicative vendor spend, and headcount efficiencies
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Vendor Savings: Avg. Annual Vendor spend saved by Sudozi customers = 2.5%
Employee Assumptions: Avg. Annual Salary = $120K, Work hours per year = 2000, Avg. Monthly Hours saved with Sudozi = 10 hours per employee.

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