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Gone are the days of blindly paying vendors without the right budget context, and signing-off on payments without key approvals: Sudozi empowers leaders with key context to inform decisions while automating the entire purchasing process: from budget to intake to payment.

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AP Visibility
Automated Bill creation
Dynamic Collaboration
ERP Sync
One Unified Platform
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Frictionless Intake leads to streamlined payments

The best way to run a disciplined procurement process is to begin with Intake – Sudozi gives your team visibility and context into spend well before a payment is made.
Sudozi captures relevant vendor data during the purchase request process to streamline the previously manual AP process for your team.
AP Visibility

Full AP Visibility to drive alignment

No other product centralizes the entire purchasing workflow like Sudozi, providing your company with full visibility to track spend from budget to intake to payment.
Budget owners can see the status of any invoice or payment. Finance gains real-time visibility into the AP process alongside relevant budget and financial data.  Accounting has all the payment context at their fingertips. Everyone wins.
Automated Bill creation

Automated Bill creation to remove manual AP burden

Automate your AP workflow with Sudozi’s OCR capabilities and streamline bill creation by automatically detecting key details from an invoice.
Match bills with the relevant purchase request and/or budget data to ensure full visibility across the lifecycle of a request.
Dynamic Collaboration

Collaborate confidently with Bill Approvals and Commenting

Empower a robust AP process with Sudozi’s approval workflows and commenting features.
Ensure the relevant approvers are automatically looped in for review prior to a payment, and ensure all bill details are clean and accurate. Directly @ comment key stakeholders to ensure everyone has visibility and context, whether it’s in slack, email, or directly in the app.
ERP Sync

Always be in sync

Minimize manual work and keep all of your financial records up-to-date. Sudozi seamlessly syncs to your ERP to ensure your key financial systems reflect the latest and greatest.
Sudozi offers no-code configuration to easily connect to your ERP of choice.
One Unified Platform

Central Platform to drive profitability goals

Sudozi is the central platform for your business partners to manage their finances: check budgets, submit and review requests, and approve bills.
Give your budget owners upfront financial visibility to ensure spend is aligned with company goals.
Sudozi is the only product that gives business leaders and FP&A context to their budgets embedded in the approval workflow. The common question of ‘what’s left in my budget’ is accessible and clear to each business leader.
Business leaders use Sudozi to see in real-time what’s been spent from their budget and what they have left. The Finance team is using Sudozi to make faster and more confident decisions regarding new requests.”
Lori Rosenberg
Finance Systems Senior Manager

Close the gap between Insight and Action

Learn how Sudozi will help you reclaim control of the spend process: from the insight necessary to make decisions all the way to payment execution.

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