Reclaim control of spend and risk with Smart Intake

The spend process is often a black box for employees. Requests are not consistent. Rogue spend occurs. Budgets are breached.

Not anymore. Sudozi guides users through the request process with one simple front-door, empowering you to control risk, reign in rogue spend and ensure budget discipline.

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Frictionless Intake
Smart Intake Forms
Full spend visibility
Pre-built Intake Templates
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Frictionless Intake

Seamless request experience to engage employees

Engage employees with a seamless request flow and dynamic intake forms that update as a requester enters information on the request.
Sudozi offers one simple front-door for requests, empowering you to control risk, reign in rogue spend and ensure budget discipline.
Smart Intake Forms

Dynamic Intake Form Configuration

Flexibly capture all relevant spend information with configurable intake forms customized to your team’s needs.
Ensure that the user is submitting all relevant information for a request, and eliminate potential compliance or budget issues.
Full spend visibility

Full Visibility into Spend Intent

When Intake is frictionless, you gain full visibility into spend intent. No more rogue spend, or submitting requests via email – Sudozi funnels all requests into one, easy-to-use platform.
Sudozi’s request dashboards give leaders full visibility into spend intent, including where in the approval chain the approvals sits.
Pre-built Intake Templates

Out-of-the-box Templates to guide your spend process

Sudozi offers pre-built Intake templates to accelerate your time to value and provide inspiration for controlling spend and risk.
Whether it’s a Purchase Request, Hiring a Contractor, or getting a NDA signature, Sudozi’s templates can help you ensure you’re following best practices across all requests.
Sudozi is the only product that gives business leaders and FP&A context to their budgets embedded in the approval workflow. The common question of ‘what’s left in my budget’ is accessible and clear to each business leader.
Business leaders use Sudozi to see in real-time what’s been spent from their budget and what they have left. The Finance team is using Sudozi to make faster and more confident decisions regarding new requests.”
Lori Rosenberg
Finance Systems Senior Manager

Close the gap between Insight and Action

Learn how Sudozi will help you reclaim control of the spend process: from the insight necessary to make decisions all the way to payment execution.

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