Sudozi for Procurement

Dynamically configure spend rules and focus on Strategic Sourcing.

Stop chasing approvers across Finance, IT, Legal and beyond. Automate approval workflows to reduce time from intake-to-approval. Guide users through the request process with an effortless intake flow. Empower finance with instant access to budget and actuals. Optimize for what you do best: delivering value for the business.

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Automate Approval Workflows

Customizable, no-code approval workflows that adapt to the type of spend. Ensure that all key stakeholders are looped in on relevant spend requests.

Guide users through the Intake Process

Engage users with a frictionless request process and gain visibility into all spend intent. Ensure that employees include all relevant information and documents when submitting a spend request.

Streamline Spend Decisions

No more 'herding' approvers across Finance, IT, Legal and beyond. Reduce time from intake-to-procure by automatically alerting approvers when it is their turn to approve.

Let’s Get You Out of the Weeds

Elevate your procurement team to true business partnership with an intuitive entry point for users and a dynamic approval workflow to streamline decisions.

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