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Finance & Accounting

VP Finance, Head of Finance, FP&A, Controllers, Strategic Finance, Accounting Managers, AP Specialists

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Focus on what matters

Spend less time preparing your data and more time analyzing it. Sudozi handles the grunt work so you can focus on what matters.

Make “no surprises” your new normal

Get a complete picture of upcoming spend by capturing all requests and commitments in one place. Zoom in and out of your vendor & BvA data with a few taps, thanks to intuitive design and the ability to drill-down to individual transactions.

Drive collaboration & alignment

Get off email and run conversations directly on Sudozi. Build a shared understanding of what metrics matter and the decisions that follow.

Let’s Get You Out of the Weeds

Request a demo and see how Sudozi will empower you and your team to track, collaborate, budget, project, approve and optimize all in one awesome-to-use platform.

sudozi product illustration