Introducing Sudozi Payments: Automate the entire Intake to Payment process

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November 23, 2023
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It’s a big day for Sudozi. 

Our vision has always been to empower teams with a platform to leverage key budget and financial data to control spend and risk, and achieve profitability goals.

We’ve been fortunate to partner with some incredible companies ranging from start-ups to some of the fastest growing growth-stage companies to bring that vision to life.

From our decades of operating experience, and as we have continued to build alongside our incredible customer-base, one thing has remained abundantly clear: procurement and finance teams have long been missing a tool that closes the gap between insights and execution.

We’ve seen firsthand how the best teams leverage data and budget insights to control spend, catch risky decisions, and execute strategic decisions aligned with company goals. But as we worked hand-in-hand with our customers, we learned that procurement and finance teams were eager for additional automation to streamline the entire spend process beyond Intake and Approvals.

That’s why we are excited to officially announce the next evolution of the Sudozi platform with the launch of Sudozi Payments.

Sudozi customers can now control money movement and orchestrate the entire Procurement flow: from Intake → Approval → Payment, alongside the insights necessary to execute. 

Sudozi: the Strategic Procurement Platform

With the launch of payments, Sudozi is the only strategic procurement platform orchestrating the entire intake-to-pay process, alongside the budget and vendor insights necessary to make strategic decisions. 

Sudozi unlocks a world of possibilities for teams, and eliminates the headache and pain-points introduced by basic, siloed workflow-builder tools and manual procurement processes.

Simple Intkae flow to guide employees through the request process.

Old way to procure: no transparency, limited spend visibility, manual tool-switching

The old way to Procure is convoluted, opaque and manual. Requests are submitted via various channels. Approvers take days to respond (if at all). Finance is not able to check a request versus budget. And the list goes on…

And while there are approval workflow tools that offer some automation, these tools lack the crucial data that constrains leaders from making informed decisions. Teams leveraging such tools ultimately face many of the same problems that the ‘old way’ presented. 

These antiquated and siloed processes cause headaches for all parties involved, ranging from the employee requesting spend to the AP team executing the payment.

Requesters waste meaningful cycles understanding where to submit a request, and what to submit. Requests are stitched together by disparate emails and Slack messages. 

Approvers have limited visibility to requests, and are not automatically alerted when it is their turn to approve. The approval workflow is not connected to key data to help inform decisions.

Finance reviewers cannot immediately determine “how much budget is left”. They waste hours stitching together disparate data sources and spreadsheets in an effort to gain real-time budget insights. Profitability targets are missed.

Procurement is required to shepard employees through various stages of the spend process, rather than focusing on more strategic, value-add initiatives.

AP teams make payments in disparate tools that lack context and offer no visibility into budget data or the approval trail. The tool cannot identify if a PO has been properly vetted and within the company’s budget.

As you can see, the Old Way is no fun for any party involved. Luckily, there is a better way… a New Way.

New Way: Automate procurement, streamline decisions with key Insights

Sudozi is empowering a new way to manage spend. One that is simple, insightful and automated.

Sudozi streamlines intake, approvals and payments - with the insights necessary to make informed decisions

Sudozi empowers your team with upfront budget and vendor data to drive alignment towards profitability goals, and connects with key systems to serve as the decision orchestration layer.

From the insight necessary to make informed decisions to the execution of vendor payments, Sudozi consolidates your entire procurement workflow to help you regain control of the spend process and close the gap between insight and action.

And while there exists dozens of workflow automation tools, finance and procurement teams need a purpose-built data-driven platform that empowers intelligent decision-making. Because without the relative budget data and vendor analytics, how can a team become truly strategic?

No matter how you view or budget your business, Sudozi will empower you with the insights and budget data necessary to drive alignment towards profitability goals (“is this request in budget?!”), making your procurement process truly strategic.

Answer the "how much budget is remaining?!" question in the flow of your review.

What’s next?

With our unique data platform, customizable reporting, and dynamic approval automation, Sudozi is the only system empowering your end-to-end procurement process, something you’ll surely need in 2024. 

Here’s a sneak peak into some of the other features coming your way:

  • Vendor portal for direct collaboration with your vendors.
  • Virtual cards with cash back to increase payment options.
  • Spend Co-Pilot to minimize manual internal discussions about spend approvals.
  • OpEx and other expense forecasting automation to minimize surprises.

Much more to come here over the next several months. In the meantime, reach out for a demo to get your 2024 budget management off to the right start:

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