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Finance Friday

How to be a strong Finance business partner with Megg Meneguzzi, Figma & Salesforce

Rose and Megg Meneguzzi (Strategic Finance, Figma) sit down to talk through a variety of topics. Some takeaways include:
1) While finance is typically seen as cost minimizers, Megg and her team at Salesforce advocated for increased support organization budget as it was a critical investment for continued growth.💡 The best finance teams find opportunities for growth, not just minimized spend.
2) Putting in an MVP solution as a consultant wasn’t enough. Megg’s itch to work alongside the management team and for more hands-on experiences drove her career shifts from consulting into finance, and then from Salesforce to Figma.💡 Get into the weeds with your business partners. Understand what’s actually going on to build better long term strategies.
3) How should you split your time to maximize the chances of impact? Megg had a time split of approximately 50/50 between being in the numbers and out working with the business.💡 “Once you have the data narrative, you need to socialize it. You need to get feedback. You need to make sure people are aligned, and you need both your finance teams and business teams to be telling the same story to leadership.”
4) One of the Strategic Finance team’s first mandates at Figma was to build out a functionally aligned team so that each leader at the company had someone getting to know their priorities and metrics. In doing this LinkedIn Live with Megg, I was amazed (and somewhat surprised) by how much cross-departmental support this event received at Figma💡  Partnering with the business means so much more than budget check ins.
5) Megg maps her career choices to a consistent “career why” theme: “I love businesses that are customer centric and empower the employee to build something really amazing for the customer.”💡 What’s your “career why” and are you being true to yourself in the company and career path you’ve chosen?

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